Masika 45 community home

A Postpartum Home for Families

Masika (which means born in the rain) is meant to reflect on the hardships and disparities that we in the community have faced in Maternal and Child Health and to act as a changing agent in the community that will shift rates of postpartum depression, and any additional postpartum challenges.

The number 45 represents the number of families Our Executive Director (Lakeeta Watts) has personally serviced as a doula. These families have helped shape her into the birth worker that she is today and has helped her to better understand the challenges that can come with postpartum care. Masika Community Home is a chapter of Essentially Empowered and will work in partnership with Executive Director, Teresina Simmons of Regal Family Services Inc, to offer extensive postpartum care and support to families.

As a Full Spectrum Doula, Our Executive Director has witnessed the many hardships that have become unbearable in a mom’s postpartum journey. Leading, training, and working beside her team of doulas, they have collectively realized that the amount of care a mother receives postpartum is just not long enough.

Masika Community Home intends to fill in the gaps of care after mom and baby are released from the hospital/birth center to home and provide additional support to the community.